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WOF 113: Recapping the William Lane Craig Dialogue

On January 13, 2018, Bishop Barron joined Dr. William Lane Craig, the esteemed Protestant apologist, for an evening of dialogue at Claremont McKenna College. On today’s episode, we recap both the afternoon session, which was an academic symposium attended by a couple dozen scholars, and the big evening dialogue in which Bishop Barron and Dr. Craig discussed faith, science, secularism, evangelization and more. A listener asks what Bishop Barron thinks of David Bentley Hart’s work.

Click here to watch the full dialogue between Bishop Barron and Dr. Craig, and to listen to the afternoon symposium >>

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Topics Discussed

  • 0:04 – Intro, Why is Bishop Barron in Philadelphia?
  • 1:30 – What was Bishop Barron’s overall impression of the event with Dr. William Lane Craig?
  • 6:4o – What was discussed during the daytime symposium?
  • 16:25 – During the evening event, how did Bishop Barron and Dr. Craig agree about evangelization?
  • 19:03 – What are Bishop Barron and Dr. Craig’s favorite arguments for the existence of God?
  • 21:40 – How did a book change the lives of both Dr. Craig and Bishop Barron?
  • 23:25 – Why didn’t Dr. Craig agree that beauty can be a source of evangelization?
  • 29:00 – What happened when Bishop Barron asked Dr. Craig, “Why aren’t you Catholic?”
  • 33:00 – Listener Question: What does Bishop Barron think about the writings of David Bentley Hart?

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