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WOF 112: Collaborative Apostolate

January 29, 2018

The Second Vatican Council called for a more active collaboration between the ordained and lay people. In this episode of the “Word on Fire Show,” Bishop Barron discusses the proper roles of the laity and the clergy in our evangelization efforts and how the collaboration of both vocations, within those proper roles, can lead toward a more effective outreach.

Topics Discussed

  • 0:04 – Introduction: Mudslides in Montecito, California
  • 3:00 – What does it mean that Word on Fire is a collaborative apostolate?
  • 5:30 – What role does the clergy have in evangelization?
  • 8:35 – Why is it important that the clergy and the laity assume some different roles?
  • 11:00 – Why is it so important for the laity to get involved in evangelization?
  • 15:00 – How can we stay inspired to continue to evangelize the culture?
  • 21:00 – How has Word On Fire served as an example of an effective collaboration between the laity and clergy?
  • 23:15 – Listener Question: How can a teenager discern his vocation?