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Is Religion Opposed to Science?

It’s time to set the record straight.


We all know the story. At the dawn of the modern age there was a great conflict between two groups: bullying churchmen who preferred the darkness of faith and religion, and brave scientists who dared to usher in the light of reason and science. The second group prevailed, and the rest is history.

Modern science was born out of, and in opposition to, pre-scientific religion, and its smashing success proves that religion—and indeed, any knowledge other than scientific knowledge—is not true knowledge, but nonsense.

We’ve heard this story so often—in popular books, on late night talk shows, across the internet—that it appears self-evident. Thus it’s no surprise that, in the latest Pew Research Center survey, science was listed as one of the biggest reasons why people, especially young people, leave Christianity. 

But this story is a myth. And it’s time for another story: the true story.


It’s time to set the record straight: 

Religion is not opposed to science!

Of course, some religions are in conflict with some scientific findings. But not Catholic Christianity. In Catholicism, there is a longstanding tradition of science and religion operating in unison, lifting humanity toward the truth like the two wings of a bird.

Did you know that:

  • Science arose when and where it did (in the Christian West) because the presuppositions of Christian theology enabled it to flourish?
  • The Catholic Church has endorsed, and continues to endorse, mainstream science?
  • Many scientific founders were not just ardently religious, but even priests and clerics?

Through video, audio, and written commentary from Bishop Robert Barron, and the stories of the many heroes of faith who helped found modern science, we aim to dispel the myth, and bring one of the best-kept secrets of history to light: that religion and science are compatible and complementary paths to truth.