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London pilgrimage scene

The Story for All Seasons:

A Missionary Journey to London

Dear friends,

I had the great privilege in February of embarking on a missionary journey through London with a few other Word on Fire staff members and Fellows from the Word on Fire Institute. I am so pleased to be able to share these videos with you, which take a look back at the various sights, lectures, and programs of that journey. I hope these videos give you a sense of both the deep history and spiritual vitality that I experienced during my time there.

It was a pleasure to take in all that London has to offer and to meet so many enthusiastic supporters of our mission from “across the pond,” including members of the Institute. I’m grateful to all those who organized and participated in these events, and I’m hopeful that Word on Fire’s evangelical work will continue to bear good fruit in the Church throughout England.

May God bless you,

The Story for All Seasons: A Recap

In this highlight video, you will see a variety of scenes from my time around London.


At the Sharing the Church’s Story Conference, I shared my thoughts on how the laity can live their faith more publicly and vibrantly through the counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

The Christian Contribution to the Public Conversation

In an address to members of Parliament, I reflected on the presence of the Church in society and her endurance throughout the ages.

Five Animating Sensibilities for Evangelization

At an event for Word on Fire Institute members, I reflected on five principles that ground me and are directly reflected in Word on Fire’s work.

The Law That Sets You Free

In my homily from Westminster Cathedral, I reflected on the freedom that comes from the disciplining of desire. In taking the law—God’s law—into your heart, you become free.

Christianity, History, and the Modern Age: A Conversation with Tom Holland

Watch my conversation with award-winning historian, author, and broadcaster Tom Holland on Western culture, the intellectual and moral aspects of Christianity, the doctrine of original sin, and much more.

Tolkien, Lewis, and Evangelization

Leading J.R.R. Tolkien scholar Dr. Holly Ordway and leading C.S. Lewis scholar Fr. Michael Ward debate and discuss these two Christian literary giants of the twentieth century.