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Antinatalist Ruminations: A Tale of Two Saturdays

Kody W. Cooper

September 21, 2023

Despite what childless millennials or antinatalists may say, the world is a richer and more beautiful place with children in it.

preparing family dinner
Apple Nature film still

Meet the New Goddess, Same as the Old Goddess

Bishop Robert Barron

September 21, 2023

To see what your religious life looks like when you abandon God and turn to the worship of nature, take a good look at this Apple film.

a radiating globe in a hand

Faith and Physics: Meet Dr. Stephen Barr

Caroline Foreman

September 20, 2023

From faith and physics to family, westerns, and chess, meet Dr. Stephen Barr, presenter of “Faith and Physics” in the Word on Fire Institute.

Jesus in heaven

How Not to Think About Heaven

Bishop Robert Barron

September 20, 2023

It is God reaching into our souls and doing spiritual work, shining light upon a certain darkness in us that resists him.

EC podcast episode 6

EP6 | The Character & Jurisprudence of Antonin Scalia—James Rosen

Dr. Tod Worner

September 19, 2023

Join Tod on the Evangelization and Culture podcast as he chats with James Rosen on the character and jurisprudence of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Spark Interview

Brandon Vogt and Haley Stewart: Introducing Word on Fire Spark

Brandon Vogt

September 18, 2023

Word on Fire Spark offers carefully crafted children’s stories with stunning illustrations designed to turn young hearts to the Gospel.

Alexi Sargeant Inspires Young Readers with Heroism

Haley Stewart

September 18, 2023

Haley Stewart speaks with Alexi Sargeant on his new Spark children’s book, “Saintly Creatures,” a work inspiring heroism by faith and beauty.

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