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Episode Three: Why We Game – God and Gaming

Bobby Angel

Bobby Angel and Fr. Blake Britton chat with Dr. Edward Castronova, a professor of media who specializes in games, technology, and society, to discuss how video games can train us…

That Lasting Spiritual Punch of a Pilgrimage Vacation

Robert Mixa

There’s no way of living without something like pilgrimage. It’s inscribed in our nature, whether we express it by walking to Jerusalem or driving to Disney World.

WOF 320: Volume II of the Bible is Here!

Word on Fire

Friends, the long-awaited Word on Fire Bible, Volume II (Acts, Letters, and Revelation) is now available! Today, we offer a peek inside. Brandon Vogt and I discuss what’s new about…

Episode Two: Jason’s Backstory & The Discernment of Spirits – Meet the Bulmans

Word on Fire

Enter into the excitement and joy of family life as you meet the Bulmans. Parents Jason and Rachel open the door and welcome us into their beautiful home of radical…

George Orwellʼs “1984” and the Catholic Sensibility

Andrew Petiprin

Episode Two: “Spring and Fall” by Gerard…

Word on Fire

Baptizing the New Mythology: Superhero Evangelization

Thomas J. Salerno

Marriage: A Foretaste of Heaven? Or a…

Jackie Francois Angel

Should We Build Walls or Bridges?

Bishop Robert Barron

“The Lost Daughter” and the Self-Gift of…

Haley Stewart

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