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60,000 Rosaries Challenge

Last year, our Word on Fire community logged 64,000 Rosaries for the intention that those who have left the Church might return, well surpassing our initial 10,000 Rosaries goal. The prayer challenge was so successful that we wanted to repeat it again this year and gain more souls for Christ. This year, the challenge started at 50,000 Rosaries, which we were able to complete in 24 days, so we are increasing our goal to 60,000 Rosaries: Will you help us meet our stretch goal?

This May, we ask Catholics to join us in praying 60,000 Rosaries for the intention that those who have fallen away from their faith may return to the Church with a renewed understanding of God’s love and mercy.

Fill out the form below to log your Rosary and join this international movement of prayer for the “lost sheep” to return to the Church. Thank you for praying with us!

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Submit a photo of yourself with your rosary to [email protected]. We will post your photo on our social media channels to encourage others to join the 60,000 Rosaries Challenge!