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Beauty & Imitation: A Philosophical Reflection on the Arts

Daniel McInerny

Christ Brings All Newness: Essays, Reviews, and Reflections

Fr. Robert P. Imbelli

No Lasting City: Essays on Theology, Politics, and Culture

Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt

Tolkien's Faith
Tolkien’s Faith: A Spiritual Biography

Holly Ordway

Theology of Robert Barron

Matthew Levering

Newman on Doctrinal Corruption FRONT
Newman on Doctrinal Corruption

Matthew Levering

Thomas Aquinas: Spiritual Master

Robert Barron

Thomas Aquinas: Selected Commentaries on the New Testament

Jason C. Paone, ed.

And Now I See: A Theology of Transformation

Robert Barron

Light from Light: A Theological Reflection on the Nicene Creed

Robert Barron

After Humanity: A Guide to C.S. Lewis’s The Abolition of Man

Michael Ward

Tolkien’s Modern Reading: Middle-earth Beyond the Middle Ages

Holly Ordway


Thinking Through Aquinas: Essays on God, Humanity, and Christ

Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt

Thomas Aquinas: Selected Commentaries on the Old Testament

Edited by Jason C. Paone

After Stoicism: Last Words of the Last Roman Philosopher

Thomas M. Ward

The New Ressourcement
A quarterly journal of theology and philosophy dedicated to reimagining and renewing the twentieth-century call to return to the sources of the Catholic faith in light of the changed historical circumstances of the twenty-first century.


Established in 2021 as the academic publishing line of Word on Fire, the ministry of Bishop Robert Barron, Word on Fire Academic works for the evangelization of culture through scholarly publishing. Throughout the Catholic tradition, teachers, schools, and thinkers have played an essential role in the life and growth of the Church. And thus, the mission of Word on Fire Academic is to promote a vital Catholic intellectual culture that can rejuvenate the Church and illuminate the world. Following Bishop Barron, Word on Fire Academic is guided by the conviction that the beauty and wisdom of the Catholic intellectual tradition is a powerful and alluring witness to the truth of the Gospel.

Word on Fire Academic supports a robust and faithful Catholic intellectual culture by publishing scholarly works that embody academic rigor, commitment to the Catholic tradition, and creative engagement with the modern, secular world.

Word on Fire Academic publishes widely in the humanities, with emphases on theology and philosophy, and reaches scholars, researchers, students, and general readers seeking to enter more deeply into the wisdom of the faith. Our publications include monographs, textbooks, essay collections, companion books, and new English translations of foreign-language works.

Contact Us

Jason Paone, Ph.D.
David Augustine, Ph.D.
Associate Editor

If you have a book project that you would like to publish with Word on Fire Academic, please complete and submit the Word on Fire Academic book proposal form to the team at [email protected]. You can expect to receive a response within 6–8 weeks after submitting your completed proposal.

Send all submissions-related inquiries to [email protected].

Review, Desk, and Examination Copies

To request a review copy, please provide your name and address and the name of the periodical or other publication in which you intend to publish your review.

To request a desk copy of a book that you intend to use as a required text for a course you teach, please provide your name and a digital copy of the syllabus for the course. Please send your request at least one month before the start of the course.

To request an examination copy, please send a digital copy of the syllabus or a description of the course (including start and end dates) for which you are considering our book.

Please send requests for review, desk, or examination copies to [email protected].

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