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Bishop Barron on Why Too Much Power in One Place Is a Bad Thing

by Bishop Robert Barron . January 21, 2021 .

Friends, by a basic and healthy instinct, Catholic social teaching wishes power to be shared widely throughout local communities, overcoming tyranny and promoting charity. The Church advocates neither absolutist statist control nor indifferent individual freedom. Instead, it holds out an economics and politics of distributive justice as ideal for the…

Bishop Barron on Pope Francis and Our Responsibility for the Common Good

by Bishop Robert Barron . January 14, 2021 .

Friends, in Fratelli Tutti, the Holy Father prophetically calls Christians to rediscover the long tradition of Catholic social teaching as it pertains to labor, business, and property. Pope Francis challenges everyone to sacrificially share what we have with the poor and needy, and he reminds those with wealth of…

Bishop Barron on the “McCarrick Report”

by Bishop Robert Barron . November 14, 2020 .

In this bonus “Word on Fire Show” episode, Bishop Barron discusses the long-awaited “McCarrick Report,” which the Holy See just released on Tuesday, November 10. This long and exhaustive report, spanning over 450 pages, shares the results of a two-year investigation into former-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, exploring how he rose through…

Bishop Barron Speaks to Catholic University of America Seminarians

by Bishop Robert Barron . November 4, 2020 .

Friends, I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to seminarians at the Theological College of CUA, where I spent three marvelous years studying philosophy. In my conversation with these students, we discussed great spiritual masters like St. John of the Cross and Thomas Merton, the importance of persevering in prayer, how to be…

Bishop Barron on the Intellectual Formation of Seminarians Q&A

by Bishop Robert Barron . October 29, 2020 .

Friends, it was my privilege to speak with the students at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis. I gave a short talk about the importance of academic formation for parish priests, and why we shouldn’t drive a wedge between the intellectual and pastoral aspects of caring for souls. We then enjoyed…

Bishop Barron’s Message to Youth Ministers

by Bishop Robert Barron . October 23, 2020 .

Friends, I was honored to record a short reflection for an assembly of youth ministers serving the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The heart of my message is universal for anyone working with young people: the faith must not be watered down. It must rather be presented in a way that…

Evangelization 101: A Conversation with Leah Libresco Sargeant

by Bishop Robert Barron . October 21, 2020 .

Friends, I was grateful to answer questions with students at Princeton University about evangelization, faith, and reason. The event was led by Leah Libresco Sargeant, a fellow of the Word on Fire Institute, and graciously hosted by The Aquinas Institute at Princeton’s Catholic Campus Ministry.

“The Pivotal Players: 12 Heroes Who Shaped the Church and Changed the World”

by Bishop Robert Barron . October 19, 2020 .

Friends, I’m pleased to officially announce my latest book, “The Pivotal Players: 12 Heroes Who Shaped the Church and Changed the World.” This brand-new book is an edited and elaborated presentation of the scripts for my film series “The Pivotal Players,” which is a follow-up to my earlier documentary “CATHOLICISM.”…

Stop Being a Chicken: Bishop Barron on the Realities of Baptism

by Bishop Robert Barron . September 25, 2020 .

Friends, the sacrament of Baptism is objective: the visible sign of invisible incorporation into the Mystical Body of Jesus. Every baptized person is, objectively speaking, a child of God, divinized, and destined to be a great saint. Therefore, we must not follow the prompts of worldly power or success. Running…

Overcoming Extremism in the Church: Clerically Speaking Podcast (Part 2)

by Bishop Robert Barron . September 23, 2020 .

Friends, in this second video clip from the Clerically Speaking Podcast with Fr. Harrison Ayre and Fr. Anthony Sciarappa, our discussion centers on the theology of the Church, or ecclesiology. I express my concerns regarding the abuse scandal, the phenomenon of disregarding ecumenical councils, and the tendency to downplay the…

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