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You’re Meant to Be an Eagle, Not a Chicken: A Reflection on Baptism

by Bishop Robert Barron . September 8, 2020 .

When I was doing full-time parish ministry, one of my favorite activities was performing Baptisms. I put the word in the plural, for I hardly ever baptized one baby at a time, but usually ten or a dozen. Typically, the quite large group of family and friends would gather in…

Estás destinado a ser un águila, no una gallina: Una reflexión sobre el Bautismo

by Bishop Robert Barron . September 8, 2020 .

Cuando ejercía a tiempo completo el ministerio parroquial, una de mis actividades favoritas era hacer bautismos. Puse “bautismos” en plural, porque casi nunca bautizaba a un solo bebé a la vez, pero normalmente eran diez o una docena. Típicamente, el grupo bastante grande de familiares y amigos se reunía en…

Vitae Spiritualis Ianua

by Bishop Robert Barron . January 12, 2020 .

The first sacrament one can receive in the Church, Baptism, defines our relationship with Christ. In it, we are reborn as part of his Mystical Body and gifted with the grace of God’s love. Baptism lays the foundation for every other sacrament we are to receive and inextricably links us with the Trinity.

Corpus Christi

by Bishop Robert Barron . June 23, 2019 .

The Church comes from the Eucharist, for it is the sacrifice that makes saints. The Eucharist is essentially the fullest act of gratitude prefigured in Melchizedek finding its fulfillment in the sacrifice of Christ. Every Mass is a participation in and celebration of this sacrifice, but the feast of Corpus Christi is a time to be especially aware of the gift of the Eucharist.

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