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The Martyrs and a Higher World

by Bishop Robert Barron . November 6, 2016 .

The story conveyed in our first reading from the second book of Maccabees is one that resonates up and down the ages, one that still stirs our hearts today. It's the story of a martyr's death. We can talk about heaven; we can speculate about it. We can write learned treatises about it, and we can hope for it. But up and down the centuries, it is the martyrs from the ancient Maccabees to the Christians slain by ISIS that most vividly witness to the promise of heaven. They literally bet their lives on it.

Bishop Barron on College Campus “Safe Spaces”

by Bishop Robert Barron . July 1, 2016 .

There is, in many quarters, increasing concern about the hyper-charged political correctness that has gripped our college campuses. Might I suggest that it would help our public discourse immensely if all parties would return to the Thomistic method of debate rather than engaging in verbal violence or retreating to a "safe space" amidst controversial conversation.

Following the Star

by Bishop Robert Barron . January 3, 2016 .

Our modern culture suggests a tension between spirituality and religion. But the Magi in today's Gospel demonstrate that when spirituality is lifted up by revelation - when the Magi are told by the religious leaders where the Messiah is to be born - that we find the object of our spiritual longing.

Fr. Barron on the SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

by Bishop Robert Barron . July 2, 2015 .

One reason the Supreme Court's decision has been rather shocking to American Catholics is that we have had, at least for the last century or so, a fairly benign relationship with the environing culture. But now the Church finds itself opposed by the ideology of secularism. So what do we do?

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