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El Desafio de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

by Bishop Robert Barron . December 11, 2015 .

Después de tan sólo diez años de la aparición de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, nueve millones de personas se convirtieron al cristianismo. Ella luchó contra los espíritus caídos y logró una victoria que cambió la cultura a favor del Dios del amor.

The Challenge of Our Lady of Guadalupe

by Bishop Robert Barron . December 11, 2015 .

Within ten years of the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe, nine million Mexican people converted to Christianity. She had done battle with fallen spirits and had won a culture-changing victory for the God of love.

Spoiler Alert

”The Avengers” and Friedrich Nietzsche

by Bishop Robert Barron . May 4, 2015 .

Although some have seen Biblical themes at work in Joss Whedon's latest film, 'Avengers: Age of Ultron', I see pretty much the opposite, namely, an affirmation of a Nietzschean view of life.

The Hard Texts of the Old Testament

by Bishop Robert Barron . October 20, 2013 .

The Old Testament is full of violent accounts that seem contradictory to the idea of the merciful, compassionate God of the New Testament: Joshua exterminates the tribes living in the Promised land, Samuel hacks the helpless Agag to pieces, and God orders Saul to kill every living thing when he conquers the Amelikites, to name but a few. The key to interpreting these texts is the figure of Christ as the sacrificed lamb in the Book of Revelations. If we keep Christ in mind then we will know that we have misread the Bible if we read it in such a way that it encourages violence or hatred

True Kingship

by Bishop Robert Barron . November 25, 2012 .

At the end of the liturgical year, we celebrate the feast of Christ the King. But Christ's kingship is different from any with which we're familiar - his kingdom "does not belong to this world." His kingship doesn't demand violence, but truth. Following him brings us closer to God's grace.

The Twelve and the New Israel

by Bishop Robert Barron . July 15, 2012 .

This week, Mark relays the story of Jesus giving the Twelve Apostles their "marching orders," the instructions on how they would go out and spread the word to the world. Notably, he tells them to go "two by two," laying the foundation for the communal nature of the Church. They are to bring nothing but the simple tools to keep them moving forward, and they are be resolute in fighting the demons of the world-injustice, corruption and dysfunction. These were as much instructions for the Apostles as they are instructions for us to fulfill the mission of the Church today.

Life Lived in the Spirit

by Bishop Robert Barron . June 3, 2012 .

The Holy Spirit thrives on the actions we take and decisions we make out of love, joy, peace, patience and more. These aren't abstract ideas that result in an internal satisfaction, they have concrete ramifications, rippling out into the world and affecting real, good change. When we choose light over darkness, participate in the sacraments, the Holy Spirit fill us.

Seated at the Right Hand of the Father

by Bishop Robert Barron . May 20, 2012 .

Jesus was the meeting of heaven and earth. His Ascension returned him to God in order to reign as the world's new king, and his orders to the disciples to build his church were to be done with his leadership and assistance. And this is our mission - much like that of the disciples - finding what it is that Christ wants us to do to continue to build his church.

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