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Es hora de que todos los católicos (y todo quien profese alguna religión) reaccione: El gran peligro que presenta el proyecto de ley de confesiones de California

by Bishop Robert Barron . May 7, 2019 .

SB 360, una ley propuesta recientemente y que va en camino al senado estatal de California, no solo debería alarmar a los católicos del país, sino también a adeptos de todas las religiones. En California, como en casi cualquier otro estado, los clérigos (junto con una gran variedad de otros profesionales, que incluye a doctores, trabajadores sociales, maestros y terapeutas) son informantes por mandato; lo que quiere decir que están obligados a informar de cualquier caso o sospecha de abuso infantil o de negligencia en la aplicación de la ley. Sin embargo, cuando un clérigo en California adquiere este conocimiento en el contexto de una “comunicación penitencial” está exento de dicha obligación. SB 360 eliminaría la exención.


by Bishop Robert Barron . March 31, 2019 .

One the greatest Protestant theologians of the twentieth century, Paul Tillich, made a distinction between heteronomy (law from another), autonomy (law from oneself), and what he called “theonomy” (law of God). This week, we have the privilege to consider what is arguably the most magnificent and spiritually rich of Jesus’…

Food for Freedom

by Bishop Robert Barron . August 5, 2018 .

In today’s first reading, we see God giving the Israelites mysterious bread on their way to the land of liberation. We need this same food ourselves, to sustain us for freedom, and that’s what the Lord provides in the Eucharist.

Summed Up in Christ

by Bishop Robert Barron . July 15, 2018 .

For many people in the West, liberty seems to trump everything. We avatars of the egodrama, we worshippers at the altar of freedom, say that our choice is supreme. We don't want anyone to constrain our pursuit of money, success, power, influence, safety, or physical health. But what matters in the end is not to place our wills in the position of ultimate concern. Everything in nature, history, science, and our careers is, in the end, summed up in Christ.

Sin and Blaming

by Bishop Robert Barron . June 10, 2018 .

In all the literature of the world, I don’t know of a richer account of who we are, what we’re called to be, and what goes wrong with us than the first chapters of Genesis—especially the third chapter, from which our first reading comes. And we see in our Gospel for today that what happens to us in the immediate wake of original sin—alienation, shame, self-centeredness, scapegoating—helps us immensely to understand Jesus and his work.

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