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Making Something From Nothing

by Bishop Robert Barron . June 9, 2013 .

This week's readings are for the people who feel that they have no hope. Even in the darkest of times, God can create something from nothing and can bring grace back into our lives. In the first reading, the prophet Elijah brings the old widow's son back from the dead; in the Gospel, Christ does the same thing; and in St. Paul's letter, he recounts his conversion from a fierce persecutor of Christianity to its great advocate. In every case God made something from nothing and injected grace back into someone's life, and He can always do the same for us if we are open to Him.

The Gift of the Eucharist

by Bishop Robert Barron . June 2, 2013 .

The Church comes from the Eucharist for it is the sacrifice that makes saints. The Eucharist is essentially the fullest act of gratitude prefigured in Melchizedek finding its fulfillment in the sacrifice of Christ. Every Mass is a participation in and celebration of this sacrifice, but the feast of Corpus Christi is a time to be especially aware of the gift of the Eucharist.

No Temple in the New Jerusalem

by Bishop Robert Barron . May 5, 2013 .

In this week's reading from the Book of Revelation the narrator describes the arrival of the Holy City of the New Jerusalem. The visionary sees a great city and notes that there is no temple because the whole city has become a temple, a place of right praise. God created the whole world to shine in the divine light, and the visionary sees the fulfillment of this hope.

Fishers of Men

by Bishop Robert Barron . April 14, 2013 .

Today's reading from the Gospel of John offers a compelling meditation about the importance of Christ for the activities of the Church. Christians are meant to be fishers of men, but when we operate according to our own agendas and efforts we will catch nothing. We must act under the Lord's direction. If we follow Christ we will do great good indeed.

Faith, Hope, and Love

by Bishop Robert Barron . January 31, 2013 .

Another video from Fr. Barron and Word on Fire commenting on subjects from modern day culture.

The Wedding Banquet that Overflows with Wine

by Bishop Robert Barron . January 20, 2013 .

We begin Ordinary Time with the wedding at Cana, a rich, spiritual story with great implications for the Church. Both weddings and wine are consistently used symbols in scripture, and each is utilized to a powerful degree to explain the Incarnation, grace, the Sacraments, and the fulfillment of God's love for us.

Sex, Love, and God

by Bishop Robert Barron . January 7, 2013 .

Another video from Fr. Barron and Word on Fire commenting on subjects from modern day culture.

Look to the Son of Man

by Bishop Robert Barron . December 2, 2012 .

At the start of this new liturgical year, we hear Luke's account of Jesus speaking about the end to all we believe to be permanent - the earth, the sky and order will all be disrupted. This isn't meant to scare us, but to remind us of what is permanent, on what we can depend. Jesus is the link to this stability and truth, and in this realization we may find unending peace.

Sex, Love, and God: The Catholic Answer to Puritanism and Nietzcheanism

by Bishop Robert Barron . October 24, 2012 .

Another article from Fr. Barron and Word on Fire commenting on subjects from modern day culture.

Scientism and God’s Existence

by Bishop Robert Barron . October 18, 2012 .

Another video from Fr. Barron and Word on Fire commenting on subjects from modern day culture.

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