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Mercy at the Cathedral

by Bishop Robert Barron . March 28, 2016 .

As a Church, we are called to bring the mercy of Christ to the world. But how can we become a more merciful people? Bishop Barron reflects on mercy during the "Mercy at the Cathedral" series on March 16, 2016 at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, CA.

Spoiler Alert

Bishop Baron on “Hail, Caesar!”

by Bishop Robert Barron . March 17, 2016 .

The new Coen brothers movie, Hail, Caesar! is very quirky, unpredictable, and strange. It focuses on the Hollywood glory days of the 1950s, both extolling and mocking them. But something deeper is going on. From the very first scene, of the crucified Jesus, the religious dimensions are unavoidable. The film begins and ends with the Crucifixion and the sacrament of confession, both signs of people coming to terms with the presence of God.

Extreme Demand, Extreme Mercy

by Bishop Robert Barron . February 16, 2014 .

In this week's Gospel, Jesus intensifies the moral law and raises the bar higher than it ever had been. Christ's goal, and the Church's goal, is to make saints. His moral demands are great, but so is his mercy. He always offers grace and forgiveness when we falter so that we can always have hope in our stuggles for sanctity.

Revisiting the Spiritual Warfare

by Bishop Robert Barron . July 25, 2012 .

Another article from Fr. Barron and Word on Fire commenting on subjects from modern day culture.

Reflections on The Devil

by Bishop Robert Barron . July 25, 2012 .

Another video from Fr. Barron and Word on Fire commenting on subjects from modern day culture.

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