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Bishop Barron on Porn and the Curse of Total Sexual Freedom

by Bishop Robert Barron . June 9, 2016 .

The most recent issue of “Time Magazine” features a fascinating and deeply troubling article on the prevalence of pornography in our culture. Yet neither the author nor anyone that he interviewed or referenced ever spoke of pornography use as something morally objectionable. Until we see that the laws governing sexual behavior, which are often read as “taboos” and invitations to repression, are in fact the manner in which the relation between sex and love is maintained, we'll never find true love.

A “No” to a “No” is a “Yes”

by Bishop Robert Barron . August 11, 2011 .

One of the commonest complaints against Catholicism is that it is the religion of “no,” especially in regard to the sexual dimension of life. As the rest of the culture is moving in a progressively more permissive direction, the church seems to represent a crabbed, puritanical negativity toward sexuality. I think it is important, first, to make a distinction between two modalities of “no.” On the one hand, there is “no” pure and simple—a denial, a negation of something good.

Sexuality, Sacrifice, and Love

by Bishop Robert Barron . August 9, 2011 .

Another video from Fr. Barron and Word on Fire commenting on subjects from modern day culture.

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