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What Makes the Church Grow?

by Bishop Robert Barron . December 9, 2015 .

Why is the Church booming in Africa? It's not because the people are poorly educated, but because the version of Christianity on offer there is robustly supernatural.

Ross Douthat and the Catholic Academy

by Bishop Robert Barron . October 29, 2015 .

Several Catholic professors and pundits recently signed an open letter to the “New York Times” claiming that op-ed columnist Ross Douthat had politicized his coverage of the Church and was unqualified to write about religious matters. The regrettable letter is indicative of a much wider problem in our intellectual culture, namely, the tendency to avoid real argument and to censor what makes us, for whatever reason, uncomfortable.

Bishop Barron FAQ on Bishops, Cardinal George, and Pope Francis

by Bishop Robert Barron . September 9, 2015 .

Bishop Barron answers several frequently asked questions about his ordination, Cardinal Francis George, and Pope Francis.

Bishop Barron on His Episcopal Coat of Arms

by Bishop Robert Barron . September 8, 2015 .

Today marks the ordination of Bishop Robert E. Barron as auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. In this video, Bishop Barron comments on his episcopal coat of arms, explaining the rich meaning and symbolism behind each detail.

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