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David Stavarz

Seminarian in Cleveland, Ohio

David Stavarz is a seminarian at St. Mary Graduate Seminary in Cleveland, Ohio. He also graduated from Borromeo College Seminary and John Carroll University in Cleveland. David has a passion for music, playing guitar, and singing, but also for snowboarding, backpacking, cycling, and ultimate frisbee. Most of all, he loves finding the transcendent in the finite, along with spreading the truth of Jesus Christ to all, as Christ is the source of his ultimate joy.

David Stavarz Latest Blog Posts

Vinyl Records and Going To Mass

by David Stavarz . May 11, 2017 . 7 Comments

Within the past year I have really gotten into buying and listening to vinyl records. When I was a kid I remember playing vinyl records with my dad and last Christmas I received a turntable from my parents. Since then, I...

Christianity Without the Crucifixion is Not Christianity

by David Stavarz . April 14, 2017 . 3 Comments

Last summer, I walked into a Christian goods store looking for a wedding gift for a friend, of course, in the typical last-minute-guy-gift-shopping fashion. I thought a nice crucifix would be good idea for the newlywed&r...

“Logan” and the Necessity of Fatherhood

by David Stavarz . March 20, 2017 . 3 Comments

NOTE: Article contains spoilers!   Some critics believe that Logan, the latest installment of the beastly X-Men mutant hero, Wolverine, did so well in the box office was the film’s grittier, bloodier, R-rate...

Frank Turner's Secular Gospel: The Beauty of Humanity

by David Stavarz . October 20, 2016 . 1 Comments

One of the main missions of the Church here on Earth is to search for and promote beauty. Our universe, as it has been created and saturated with meaning, depth, and beauty, is a giant exploration map of beautiful and im...

What Roller Coaster Renovation Can Tell Us About Church Reform

by David Stavarz . September 09, 2016 . 0 Comments

Lately, there has been a good bit of hype amongst roller coaster enthusiasts about the supposed removal of the wooden roller coaster, the Mean Streak, at Cedar Point Amusement Park. Cedar Point, located in Sandusky, Ohio...