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The Capuchin Charism that Healed a Broken Actor

Dr. Matthew Petrusek

September 22, 2022

Public focus has understandably been on actor Shia LaBeouf's conversion, but St. Padre Pio’s Capuchin order is an essential part of the story.

Daniel Mitsui Christ in Majesty

Daniel Mitsui on Sacred Art in the 21st Century

Haley Stewart

September 20, 2022

Haley Stewart had the pleasure of interviewing artist Daniel Mitsui about his faith, work, and thoughts on sacred art in the 21st century.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II: Faithful Disciple

Bishop Robert Barron

September 13, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II was known for her steadfastness, devotion to duty, sangfroid in the face of trials, and love of country. But I should like to draw special attention to…

The Beauty of Creation Beckons: The Secret Garden & the Awakening to Abundant Life

Haley Stewart

September 13, 2022

"The Secret Garden" reveals how God’s creation, its beauty, and its creatures mediate his message of love to the human soul.

Bishop Barron

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