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Word on Fire Ambassadors

Word on Fire is a global, non-profit media ministry led by Bishop Robert Barron. The ministry's goals are to invite people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, to faithfully present the teachings of the Church and to evangelize the culture. As an Ambassador, you will help Bishop Barron achieve these goals by connecting Word on Fire with your parish or local community.

Ambassadors help people become aware of the truth, beauty, and goodness of the Catholic Faith as proclaimed through the voice of Bishop Barron. Whether linking people to Word on Fire's innovative website or making them aware of our transformative study programs, you will be bringing the message of Christ to a world that so desperately needs to hear it. 


Support the Church's New Evangelization Efforts

By creating awareness locally of Bishop Barron and the Word on Fire media ministry, you will be personally involved in one of the most innovative evangelization efforts in our Church today.  

Share the Word on Fire Website and Programs

The website is the key outlet for distributing Bishop Barron’s inspiring sermons, messages. video commentaries and products.  Invite everyone in your parish and address book to subscribe to the online mailing list.   Generate awareness of CATHOLICISM, the unparalleled documentary and study program that  shows what Catholics believe and why.

Complete Quarterly Ambassador Missions

Each mission is a concrete suggestion of how to share Word on Fire with your parish or group.  With your voluntary participation, you and Word on Fire can help bring your parish or group closer to Christ.  

Ambassador Benefits

- Personally help others on their journey of faith
- Be the liaison for Word on Fire in your parish, group and/or community
- Be remembered in Bishop Barron’s monthly Mass intentions
- Receive a 15% discount on all Word on Fire products for you and your parish or group
- Join a global community of Ambassadors, linked through the website
- Receive a free Ambassador Starter Kit that includes materials for your parish or group, such as Word on Fire brochures and program suggestions (shipping costs not included.)

How to Sign up

Step 1

Complete the registration form below.

Step 2

Print, complete, and return the Reference Form with appropriate information:

Download Reference Form [PDF]

Step 3

When we receive your signed Reference Form, we will email your free, digital Ambassador Starter Kit that includes materials for your parish or group, such as study program suggestions.  Once you receive the Starter Kit, you become an Official Word on Fire Ambassador!