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Philosopher David Solomon Enters the Catholic Church

Dr. Christopher Kaczor

July 22, 2024

Now, in his conversion, David Solomon has given us all yet another lesson by his powerful example: to take the next step that God gives us.

beautiful church interior
Capital building

WOF 447: The Crossroads of Religion & Politics—Part 2

Dr. Matthew Petrusek

July 22, 2024

Here is the second part of Bishop Barron’s discussion with Tod Worner on how Catholics should explore crossroads of religion and politics.

Forming a Child’s Taste for Beauty

Haley Stewart

July 19, 2024

In this episode Haley interviews Daniel Mitsui, a professional artist specializing in sacred art.

dialogue between robots

No, Ray Kurzweil Is Not Right (Again), and You Won’t Meet His Immortal Soul in the Cloud

Dr. Steven Umbrello

July 19, 2024

The theories of Bernard Lonergan and Robert Doran show that Kurzweil’s understanding of mind and consciousness is fundamentally flawed.

Vast forest of trees

Green Pathways Back to Church?

Colin Smith

July 18, 2024

Church teaching on the environment isn’t reducible to environmentalism. Here are 3 points of departure open-minded nature-lovers can explore.

People praying in front of an altar

Praying to the God Who Overcomes the Gap

Dr. Tod Worner

July 17, 2024

May prayer help us trust, hope, and love the God who overcomes the gap and the many souls he is entrusting to our passionate evangelization.


The Shepherd Has Arrived

Bishop Robert Barron

July 17, 2024

Friends, the readings for this Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time are interwoven with each other in a very interesting way.

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