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The Word on Fire Blog

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The ONE Thing you Need to Do Before Advent Sunday!

by Word on Fire Nov 27, 2015 0 Comments

With all the joy of Thanksgiving, it's easy to forget that Advent begins this Sunday! And with that great season upon us, there's ONE thing you need to do right now: Sign up for Bishop Barron's FR...

Happy Thanksgiving from Word on Fire!

by Word on Fire Nov 26, 2015 0 Comments

The sacrum convivium, or sacred banquet, is continually presented and represented throughout the Old and New Testament. In his book entitled Eucharist, Bishop Barron depicts multiple occurrenc...

“Vikings” and Tolkien’s Mythological Worldview

by Jared Zimmerer Nov 25, 2015 0 Comments

Quite possibly one of the biggest surprises in recent television is the popularity and success of History Channel’s Vikings. Many attribute the success to its cinematography, acting, and deta...

David Ramirez and Art as Relationship

by Edmund Mitchell Nov 24, 2015 0 Comments

The dream of every artist is to accomplish both truth and bacon. But what happens when truth doesn't bring home bacon? David Ramirez's new album Fables starts off like an extension on his hit sob ...

What's So Funny About Catholicism?

by Kerry Trotter Nov 23, 2015 2 Comments

“If it bends, it’s funny. If it breaks, it’s not funny.” I saw Woody Allen’s 1989 film “Crimes and Misdemeanors” while I was in college, some years after ...

Bishop Barron's Top 10 Resources on Christ the King

by Bishop Robert Barron Nov 20, 2015 0 Comments

This weekend the Church celebrates the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, more popularly known as the Feast of Christ the King. To help you prepare, we're sharing ten of Bish...

Why We So Desperately Need Community

by Chris Hazell Nov 19, 2015 5 Comments

I frequent a certain coffee shop during the week. Just about every time I’m there, I see two older men sitting in adjacent faded red chairs. They both usually have headphones on and are engro...

An American Pilgrimage: A Review of Dave Rawlings Machine’s “Nashville Obsolete”

by Fr. Damian Ference Nov 18, 2015 1 Comments

Back in September I accompanied 33 of my college seminarians to Washington, DC to be with Pope Francis. It wasn’t a vacation. It was a pilgrimage.  A vacation is supposed to be comforta...

Telling the Church's Story: Bishop Barron's Interview with NPR

by Bishop Robert Barron Nov 17, 2015 1 Comments

NOTE: Today we share the full transcript of Bishop Barron's recent interview with NPR. You can listen to the shortened audio version at ("Social Media-Savvy Bishop Brings Fresh Approach"), ...

“Coconut Dracula” and Dostoyevsky’s Prince

Nov 16, 2015 0 Comments

While I was at the gym a few days ago listening to my Spotify account in my earphones a song came up as a suggested listen from the songs I had listened to previously. At first the song starts off ...

“Beasts of No Nation”: The Violent and the Sacred and René Girard

by Matthew Becklo Nov 13, 2015 2 Comments

The story surrounding Netflix’s first big movie has been how unconventional—and how violent—it is. Beasts of No Nation was initially a passion project for up-and-coming di...

Bishop Barron on the Church's Most Pressing Concern

by Bishop Robert Barron Nov 12, 2015 0 Comments

NOTE: Today we share Bishop Barron's Foreword for a new project by Brandon Vogt, our Content Director at Word on Fire. The project is called RETURN: How to Draw Your Child ...

Saint Martin's Stunning Encounter

by Fr. Steve Grunow Nov 11, 2015 1 Comments

Today the Church celebrates the holiness and witness of Saint Martin of Tours. Martin was born in the year 316 AD and was a convert to the Faith of the Church. The story of his conversion is one o...

Sign up for Bishop Barron's FREE Daily Advent Reflections!

by Word on Fire Nov 10, 2015 1 Comments

Exciting news at Word on Fire! Starting on Advent Sunday this year (November 29), Bishop Robert Barron will once again offer FREE daily reflections throughout the season of Advent. To sign up, just...