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Four Reasons I Love Being a Dad

by Jared Zimmerer Dec 18, 2014 0 Comments

I was recently listening to one of my many podcasts that I subscribe to, this one mostly based around physical fitness and nutrition, when a recent guest was being interviewed stated that he was ne...

Fr. Barron on Hobbits and Middle Earth

by Fr. Robert Barron Dec 17, 2014 0 Comments

Today marks the release of Peter Jackson's third and final "Hobbit" film, titled "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies." I wanted to celebrate by sharing three of my past video commentaries on...

Forgiveness Is Not a Weak Choice

by Fr. Michael Cummins Dec 16, 2014 0 Comments

Seven years and seven months she waited.  Her daughter had been kidnapped by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Not knowing whether her child was alive or dead, Angelina Atyam continuously call...

Atheist Dialogues

by Dominicans of the Province of St. Joseph Dec 15, 2014 13 Comments

Why does Pope Francis reach out to atheists? If every conversation is a two-way street, then you’d think this is one dialogue that would go nowhere fast. On paper or in person, “fa...

Our Lady of Guadalupe and True Human Nature

by Fr. Steve Grunow Dec 12, 2014 0 Comments

Just a few days ago the Church marked and remembered the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God. That solemnity commemorated the mysterious truth that the Blessed Virgin Mary was from the first...

The New Queen of Pop: A Review of "1989"

by Fr. Damian Ference Dec 11, 2014 13 Comments

In an age when fewer and fewer people are buying full albums, Taylor Swift’s 1989 sold 1.287 million copies in the first week of its release.  That’s impressive, considering that i...

5 Prayer Tips from St. Thomas Aquinas

by Dominicans of the Province of St. Joseph Dec 10, 2014 2 Comments

Prayer, St. John Damascene says, is the unveiling of the mind before God. When we pray we ask Him for what we need, confess our faults, thank Him for His gifts, and adore His immense majesty. Here ...

St. Juan Diego's Miraculous Proof

by Joe Heschmeyer Dec 09, 2014 3 Comments

One of the ways to prove the Catholic claim is through miracles.  Catholicism, unique amongst all the faiths on Earth, has colorable claims of miraculous events with evidence.  One o...

What the Immaculate Conception Means

by Fr. Steve Grunow Dec 08, 2014 3 Comments

Today the Church celebrates a mysterious and miraculous event of such importance to God's plan for our salvation in Christ that it happened in a manner that went virtually undetected. This event i...

Praying for Priests: An Interview with Kathleen Beckman

by Jared Zimmerer Dec 05, 2014 0 Comments

Catholic priests are on the front lines of the call from Christ to shepherd His people. As living, breathing witnesses to the transcendent reality of the saving mission of Christ and His Church, ou...

St. John Damascene and the Sacred Icon

by Ellyn von Huben Dec 04, 2014 0 Comments

Who doesn’t think about icons, right? Icons are all around us. Whether I am working at my day job or talking to those at home, the term icon is used daily. Unfortunately, it is...

The Most Effective Evangelist in History

by Brandon Vogt Dec 03, 2014 1 Comments

Born in 1506 in Navarre, Spain, Francis Xavier was the youngest son of a wealthy state official. Although his brothers joined the army, Francis studied law and theology at the University of Paris, ...

Judge Not?

by Dr. Tom Neal Dec 02, 2014 4 Comments

Few texts from Scripture are as misunderstood or misapplied today as Jesus' teaching on judgment from the Sermon on the Mount. All too often it is employed to buffer a relativist version of Ch...

St. Vincent: A Meditation on Poor Souls, Not Saints

by Fr. Damian Ference Dec 01, 2014 16 Comments

(Spoiler alert! This article contains revealing details about the film, St. Vincent.) Bill Murray is brilliant.  He’s also Catholic, although I’m not sure whether or not he practi...