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    Fr. Barron comments on The Devil

Are all accusations the sign of the devil's presence? Is it ever OK to accuse someone of doing wrong?
7/25/2012 11:15:33 AM
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Thank you Father. I think is so important to repeat once and again this issue specially now, time for holidays when lots of young people are connected to internet during their holidays. Could you suggest us some links or books for youth about this reflection?. You make me reflect about the Great Gift God gave us through our Baptism!
7/25/2012 6:30:53 PM
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John Cotter
Fascinating that the clip is on spiritual warfare since it feels like I have been in a protracted fight to reclaim my faith. I have been reading The Last Superstition which has been of immense help. Besides our sins and failure to take advantage of the Sacraments, our lack of knowledge of the rational, philosophical basis of our Faith must surely play a role in leaving us vulnerable to attack. Would you consider a review of this book or suggest ways the average Catholic without a background in philosophy could develop a solid understanding of Thomism? Thank you for this video Father.
7/25/2012 6:32:03 PM
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Thank you, Father. As a new Catholic, I was interested to learn about the role of the Sacraments in spiritual warfare.
7/26/2012 1:33:00 PM
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Dear Allison you make me reflect: St. Paul said "preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.(2 Timothy 4,2). The accuser is one who uses mistakes in his advantage against the other, or for show how "great" he/she is, or make more danger, more confusion or trouble, sometimes just for "fun". St. Paul remarks "Preach the word.." he did not say accuse others. When we have to confront others as parents, as bosses, as teachers.. is itself difficult duty but we must do this in private or if this is impossible we do need to cover the dignity of the other. We should not forget that Jesus is against the sin, not against the sinner, no matter his fault, or mistake. The point is Edification, Conversion, Love..
7/26/2012 1:39:51 PM
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I think that your videos are great Father, for learning and teaching. When I converted to Catholicism one of many reasons is falling in love with the Sacraments, they are awe inspiring.
I'm putting it mildly with that statement. Jesus truly gave us great weaponry to defend our selves against the evils that we face. Thank you
7/26/2012 7:53:04 PM
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Wow Great topic, as usual Fr. Barron to which I couldn't agree more!!!

I can safely say that I DID encounter satans & demons in my life thru wicked people. They were scary people who brought lots of grief, sadness, misery in my life. However, as I got older I expect those demonic/santanic individuals tho I pray for God to protect me from them.

I also learned a very vital lesson, to pray for those demons. Many of them are good guys who fell off the wagon.

Thanks Fr. Barron for this crucial topic!
7/29/2012 3:34:32 PM
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Anthony Bamber
Iam troubled by the idea that "accusations" are "always" the work of evil, eg. would it be wrong to accuse someone of child abuse if you sincerely believed in a persons guilt.
7/31/2012 12:23:29 PM
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A Bamber,

Accusations are Not always the work of the devil. I think what Fr. Barron meant is when someone slanders or tarnishes an innocent person's re*****tion.

What you refer to is Confrontation when someone does something wrong. By all means you should do it and it's different from what Fr. Barron referred to. It is biblical, wise, a sign of love.

Edmund Burke said, "The only way for the spread of evil is when good people do nothing."
7/31/2012 7:21:44 PM
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